South Jersey Wheelmen SJW Club Ride:  Details

             SJW Time Trial Series - 2023
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1st Rider off 6:00pm  (riders should arrive by 5:30)

10 Mile Course, just south of Woodstown - Map

Start + Parking: Salem County Voc Tech School

880  Rt 45 (Woodstown Rd.) Woodstown, NJ 08098

Come out and test yourself in the SJW version of the “Race of Truth". Ten miles of just you against the clock. A great workout for the tourist, tri-athelete and the little bike racer in all of us.

No cost except:

Must be Club Member (due to insurance).

Join SJW One year (covers full series):  $20 individual,  $25 family

Arrive by 5:30, sign waiver, warm up, & safety meeting 5:50pm.

No cycling license required / No categories / No prizes.

Helmet required / Canceled if severe rain, lightning or heat wave.

Porta-Potty available near start.

Ten mile course open to traffic.  Start on Rt 45 just south of Haines Neck Rd.  Be prepared for the hairpin turn on Bypass Rd. plus the South Jersey Alps awaits you on the back stretch. Bring light wheels and fast legs. This course throws a bit of everything at you, including the wind.

A few SJW volunteers would help the cause.

Link: Calculate Ave. Speed

Cuesheet> Bait Box 14.5