South Jersey Wheelmen Club Speciality Rides

SJW Ride Classification:  approved  2019

Cruising speed = speed a cyclist must be able to maintain on flat terrain with little wind. Speed will vary with grade and wind.  Ride leaders will attempt to keep speeds near the middle of the class range but all riders must be able to maintain the higher speeds of the range for reasonable amounts to time.

Note: Class A & B: No obligation to wait for stragglers/breakdowns if cue sheet, map, or directions provided.

Note: Class C & D: Group waits for stragglers & breakdowns. Cue sheet not mandatory but may be available.

Class  (cruising speed)

A 19-22       Experienced and seasoned riders. Expect longer distances.

B+ 17-20

B 15-18       For the above average rider. Be capable of long distances with some stops.

C+ 13-16

C 11-14       For the average rider. Varying distances with some stops.

D   9-12       For novice riders. Frequent stops by leader or requested by group.

Ride Leader Forms:  Leader Instructions    Club Ride Waiver    Accident  Report    Member Application,

>E-Bike - Club Policy: Only class-1 pedal-assist electric bikes (e-bikes) shall be allowed at SJW rides and events. The motor must not exceed maximums of 750 watts power and 20 mph assist.  E-bikes with a throttle assist option (class 2&3) are NOT allowed at any SJW ride or event. 

         What’s the difference between a Club Speciality Ride and a Special Club Event ?

     Of course both are “special”.  Both also include a “ride” and a “meal”. The difference is who prepares the meal. At the speciality rides we go to a restaurant, ice cream parlor or some other commerical establishment. At the special events our own renown chef Mary Miranda prepares a fabulous picnic.  

     The rides are usually fairly short but longer options are available on some occasions.  

Time Trial Series - 2024   For dates & details: see Details page  

Come out and test yourself in the SJW version of the “Race of Truth". Ten miles of just you against the clock. A great workout for the tourist, tri-athelete and the little bike racer in all of us.

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Note:  The links in the descriptions below are not active. They are active in the original flyers emailed to members.